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Global GTL industry is facing what?

In the issue of climate change become more important in the context of global, all countries in the greener, cheaper alternative energy exploration and development. But this time, GTL (gas to liquids, referred to as GTL) on its unique charm into the industry's attention.

GTL is known as the "green fuel" natural gas through a chemical method to adjust the chain, then use a series of complex processes of natural gas made ​​from oil. Not only at room temperature to complete the transport and cleanliness has increased dramatically, compared with petroleum diesel, GTL carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide emissions are relatively low.

For such a good development prospects of the fuel, the industry has always maintained its optimistic and positive attitude. Recently, Visiongain UK consulting firm issued a "gas-oil market in 2011-2021" the report of the GTL industry this year, spending on infrastructure, technology and equipment upgrades, and research and development funds for the estimated 2011 global GTL market value of approximately $ 5.75 billion.

Chengguan truck accessories factory, founded in 1992. Professional Truck Accessories (forklift parts), are factory mainly produces torqueconverter clutch, oil pump drive shaft, machinery loading and unloading truck accessories. Factory in operation, has been to honor 'the same product than the quality; the same quality than price; the same price than personality' business objectives.

Oil prices, natural gas, excess supply, increasing global demand for energy, and research and development technology, more and more sophisticated, gave GTL market created unprecedented development.

In addition, many countries have a clear global GTL development goals, and hopes to further expand the market, the next few years the industry will be rapid and strong growth momentum. The end of November, Iran will soon put into operation its first GTL plant, the plant will have a daily production capacity of 1 million barrels of GTL.

Australia, for example, the report shows that in 2011 the GTL market value of about $ 88 million, the market is expected between 2011-2016 compound annual growth rate of about 11.8% by 2016 is expected to reach $ 153 million; estimated 2016-2021 years the annual compound growth rate of about 5.3%, to 2021 or the market value of 198 million dollars. Taken together, between 2011 - 2021 the average annual compound growth rate of about 8.5%.

Although the GTL industry in Australia is small, but the potential is not to be underestimated, one of the best of their ability to become a global market.

Insiders pointed out that the potential investors, although the complexity of the GTL technology R & D will still be obstacles to development, but the status of the global economic slowdown, the market would be a good investment opportunity.

In particular, the United States, huge reserves of natural gas, GTL can be said that the key to reducing domestic unemployment. U.S. Carbon Sciences Inc. (Carbon Sciences) said, GTL is a rising star, you can offer to improve the employment situation of the United States a force.

The CEO 拜伦埃尔顿 said: "We now face the number one problem is unemployment, and natural gas resources of this can create many job opportunities, which gives the GTL industry to create better conditions for development. The U.S. more than 600,000 jobs are created out of natural gas, and this figure is still rising from the long term, I believe that GTL industry will further stimulate employment. "

In addition, the world's largest GTL project - Qatar Pearl GTL (Pearl GTL) was officially put into operation in July this year, not only for Qatar to obtain the high economic returns, and has made tremendous environmental benefits. Pearl GTL project to build two drilling platforms, about exploitation of 1.6 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas, through transport and handling, can produce 12 million barrels of oil equivalent of GTL products.

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