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Forklift safety technical operation steps

A forklift (forklift parts) check before driving:

1, according to the regulations, standards check the technical condition of the vehicle departments, so that at ten good condition.

2, should be checked before driving vehicle registration, driver's license driving a variety of documents that must be strictly prohibited lack of evidence, a small card, driving without a license.

Second, the travel:

1, the factory forklift driver in motion must strictly abide by "the factory traffic safety management standards" and "Safety Code."

2, should be observed before starting forklift (forklift parts) four weeks, and (air or brake the vehicle, the brake pressure gauge reading is required to achieve the specified value before the start) to confirm the safety whistle started.

3, the factory fork truck driving away from the bottom should be kept to a high of 300 to 400 mm, the door frame to be backward.

4, forklift operation, allow any person on and off, the fork leg to stand on is strictly prohibited.

5, the factory shall not be inserted when the car driving fork rise too high. Job site or traveling out of the way, pay attention to whether the obstacles over the scratch hit. Prohibit the brakes and sharp turns.

6, forklift factory work, the ups and downs must be smooth, if necessary, to be with a rope, cable chains securely sealed. The vehicle must be in strict accordance with the provisions of the load curve of the values ​​of the cross cargo, non-overloading.

7, the factory driving forklift loading and the use of more than 7 ° higher than the rate of first gear when going downhill on a non-exceptional circumstances shall not use the foot brake.

8, after the factory truck parking ban will be hanging in the air cargo, after discharge should drop after the lifting frame driving.

9, factory forklift (forklift parts) fork of the contents, the weight of the goods should be shared equally between the two forks, the goods shall not be skewed, side items should be posted by the backrest. Small pieces of material goods should be placed in collection boxes (board), to prevent falling. Plug car contained items not obscure the driver's attention.

10, during the process of loading and unloading goods, must brake forklift. If cranes loading and unloading the workpiece, the driver must leave the cab.

11, near the fork or withdraw items, the speed should be slow and steady, do not pay attention to the wheels rolling objects, skids (pallets) and the fork head scratching objects do not support staff.

12, in the factory and construction site, speed can not exceed ten kilometers out of the factory gate, workshops, warehouses and construction sites, the speed must not exceed 3 km. Forklift driving to observe, to prevent scraping hit, wounding.

13, the factory plug in fork lift truck, the lifting frame and the ground should be forward, not the lifting frame forward.

14, the factory forklift or crane lift driving, prohibit any person standing on an object or control on the fork strike a balance. Fork lift truck material, the goods was prohibited in the vicinity.

15, etc. are strictly prohibited to use a fork lift to engage in high places, against a single fork or fork top job things, pull things, prohibit the use of the brake inertia round or slip easily roll up items, prohibit the use of fork to pick method of turning the pallet unloading. Prohibit high-speed fork to take items.

16, are not allowed to directly cross the shore at the pier on the shipment of goods and are not allowed to directly cross the edge of the train cars loaded items.

17, midway truck stop engine idling, the door frame should be so backward. Stop when the engine stalled, the lifting carriage should fall, the level of the fork placed on the ground.

18, plant in the factory, workshop and construction site parking, the driver allowed away from the car, for a temporary leave, you must unplug the key, pull down the gates.

Third, after the forklift truck maintenance received:

1, the maintenance of vehicles, should shift lever in neutral, take the brake, wheel and support the top cover bear heavy carriage and other protective measures.

2, cleaning forklift (forklift parts) and the lifting carriage; fastening screws; check to add fuel, lubricants and so on.

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