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China forklifts temperature anomalies of the inspection and troubleshooting

Domestic forklift (forklift parts) on the cooling system from the structure in terms of relatively simple, generally by the cooling fan, radiator, thermostat and other components, the. Cooling fan is often driven directly by the engine and fan speed and engine speed the same. Mainly by the cooling water temperature regulation by asking them. This is commonly used on cars or silicon oil fan e-mail electronic fan big difference. This structure is characterized by easy maintenance and low cost. The disadvantage is the control of the cooling water temperature insensitive. The level of the main engine water temperature and the thermostat is working properly, the pump can build up enough pressure, the cooling fan speed and so on can achieve the standard. Failure to determine the cooling system to determine the nightingale from the start of these components are working properly.

1, check the thermostat. Currently the engine used on wax-type thermostat with thermostat based. Its main performance indicators at different temperatures thermostat should have a different lift to dynamically control the level of the cooling water temperature. For non-disintegration check the thermostat is good or bad, mainly through the radiator inlet and outlet temperature difference to determine. The engine is cold started some time ago after, the touch and out of water temperature should be obvious, after working for some time, temperature was significantly reduced. When the engine reaches normal operating temperature when no obvious difference in temperature touch feeling. Of course, the most accurate way to judge or remove the thermostat, put it in water, gradually heating, check the temperature of the valve opening and valve lift.

2, pump inspection. Cooling water circulating in the cooling system continuously pumps from the power source. Can build up enough pressure to pump the cooling system to work is the key. Cooling water is added, if the engine speed increases as the cooling liquid level decreased significantly, indicating that the pump is working properly. Otherwise you may loose water pump impeller, cooling water is not circulating.

3, check the cooling fan. In the domestic forklift engines, pumps, generators, cooling fans share a belt, the belt tension directly affects the water pump, alternator, cooling fan speed. Pressure belt in the middle with your fingers, under the deflection should be 11-13mm (CPC3L) is normal, leading to the water temperature is too high too large, too small will be the water pump bearing, alternator bearing damage. Check the fan air flow can be a tissue placed radiator ago, when the engine is running on the paper can not be affixed to the tank (rear engine). Can not hold against the fan blades and fan enclosure to ensure complete and effective.

4, check the radiator. Forklift (forklift parts) radiator located in the rear of vehicles. As the truck chassis is low and the factory operating environment is poor, some of the debris, dust is very easy to accumulate in the radiator surface, if not cleaned, it will seriously affect the cooling effect. Daily operation is completed should the radiator be carefully cleaned, try to avoid using high-pressure water gun. Because the radiator off thin, flat red if the wall is too high pressure cleaning, it will affect the cooling effect. Also prohibited the use of hard water cooling water to prevent scale, leading to lack of cooling water to add.

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