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Forklift tire wear non-normal precautions

Forklift (forklift parts) abnormal tire wear preventive measures are the following five points:

1, to enhance the maintenance of the tires, "four ground" (ie, ground check air pressure, check tires ground temperature, ground digging gravel, ground plug hole)

To the tire inflation pressure according to the provisions in the cold and under a certain load and adjust the tire pressure checked regularly, at least once a month; the summer due to high ambient temperature, tire temperature is too high is found to be appropriate to increase the number of stop and avoid strong sunlight direct tire, the fork should be parked in the shade, not pour cold water on cooling or deflated using step-down; long winter outdoor parking should be following in the tire mat board, and not immediately start to accelerate until the tires heat up and then transferred to normal driving. Embedded in the tread to be removed in time between the sheet metal, glass and gravel and other debris; embedded in the debris removal after the wound has reached such as fetal body, should new tires. Timely check the tire rolling pin, cut, drum kits and cracking, etc., where application of deep wounds raw rubber to fill the hole.

2, raised the chassis of the maintenance quality

Timely wheel alignment inspection and correction to ensure that toe and camber design requirements; check rim is cracking, deformation and significant corrosion at, if any shall be promptly repaired or changed with a high rim, make sure the rim and tire match; timely required lubrication and adjustment of wheel bearings, tie rod ball joint, kingpin bushing gap to the design value; to maintain the balance of the tire, such as the imbalance is the balancing test should the wheel; regular exhaust check valve to determine whether the tire into the oil, if it is found into the oil inside the tire, the tire should be removed immediately cleaned, and check the gas seal, the winter tire when the tire to tire products placed in the greenhouse to restore elasticity, when the tire rim into the mouth of smear soap, to prevent damage to lift the mouth; new units should first be subjected to wear running around 200km before the normal use; driving drum brake shoe clearance should be adjusted to the design value, without delay lag; wheel hub seals and brake cylinders should be no leakage , to prevent oil dripping wet rubber tires; wheel assembly of the amount of horizontal and radial swing should meet the requirements.

3, to improve driving skills

Should start slowly lift the clutch pedal, smooth start; driving speed shall not exceed the maximum speed limit of the tire level; driving should be avoided during hard acceleration, emergency braking and emergency steering. Should pay attention to driving on the road strewn thick, sharp, and sharp materials. When the case of obstacles such as rocks and potholes, should slow down or avoid through.

4, a reasonable choice, and with tire

Forklift (forklift parts) tire size should be based on truck weight and cargo weight resulting from static load and truck traffic generated when the dynamic load, and to consider the road and the speed of the factors to determine; tires should be mounted on the requirements specification of the wheel rim; the same axle assembly should be the same brand, size, pattern and level of the tire; facelift facelift coaxial vehicle tires should be done; the tires should be compatible with the maximum design speed; tire rotation, the front wheel assembly should be less traumatic, wear light tires, front wheel assembly of trauma should be small, light tire wear, tire rotation, the fetal position should be the requirements for re-adjustment of air pressure; should select the appropriate depending on driving conditions tread; pattern of the tire fitted should pay attention to the direction of the wheels rolling marks.

5, note that cargo load balancing, to prevent tire overloading

Can not be used to improve the method to compensate for tire tire pressure overload.

Reminder: How to master and set the standard air pressure to maintain forklift has a good technical condition, normal driving, the tire with a reasonable and rational selection and loading, we can effectively prevent forklift (forklift parts) abnormal wear of tires, forklift tires to extend service life.
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