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Universal drive forklift repair and conservation methods

Universal gear forklift (forklift parts) repair and maintenance methods:

Forklift universal gear is mainly used in the two axes do not coincide, and in forklift operation, changing the relative position between the power transmission shaft. Used in a large truck load (such as CPCD50, 5CQN), the transmission and drive axle connection between the forklift and the connection between the engine and pump, etc. Forklift universal gear is Yokes, cross shaft assembly, etc., whose role is to transfer power to the main transmission gearbox. Transmission drive shaft torque, high speed, heavy workload. Thus, although its structure is not complicated, but the technical requirements are very high. Otherwise, there will be Douzhen, hair ring, off and off-axis phenomenon.

Universal gear forklift (forklift parts) should be not too tight or exclusion, complete bolt fastening, assembly point of view is correct, well-oiled, driving does not shake, no abnormal sound. Therefore, in forklift use, the shaft should do a good job of conservation, the problem must be found in time.

Forklift driving, shaft torque and to withstand great impact load, while for high-speed rotation, with the constant vibration, poor lubrication conditions, so prone to wear, deformation and damage to the work of disorders, there will be different ring and Douzhen and other faults. Truck started, if the body shivering, accompanied by "grid friends. Lattice friends" of the crash; driving can hear the sound of the chassis there is a cyclical, faster, louder. Serious, cab vibration, hold the steering wheel, hand numbness. The reasons are: universal joint cross shaft and the needle or needle worn Songkuang broken off; the connection part of the screw loose. Shaft bending deformation. When you encounter this failure, can be connected to the vehicle check the screws loose, and hand-shaking drive shaft, to detect wear and tear parts; the rear set up, hanging file rotation, vibration and abnormal sound impressive check of shafts ; may also dial gauge test vehicle drive shaft deformation, after identifying the reasons were to be repaired.

Once the damage state of dynamic balance shaft assembly will be at work by centrifugal force caused by the additional dynamic load, easy to produce bending deformation, causing drive shaft vibration noise, increased dynamic load, transmission efficiency decreased to accelerate parts of the damage. Accidental collision with the drive shaft, disassembly percussion deformation, welding position accuracy, after the mutual destruction of parts, etc., are the rotation shaft assembly will deviate from the rotation axis of the center of mass, the destruction of their balance performance.

Conservation, it is necessary for the cross bearing lubrication; check whether Songkuang cross-bearing, it will be linked to the transmission gap, release the parking brake, hands clasped shaft axis tube, forced a sharp turn around, there should be clear the Songkuang amount, if necessary, remove the decomposition of repair. Shaft maintenance when they check whether the fixation fasteners, shaft bending appearance and, if necessary, repair.

Shaft repair assembly shall, before their parts clean, especially the cross-shaft oil passages, journal and roller bearings, etc., should be washed with clean kerosene and dry with compressed air. With the surface coated with grease, the co-labeled loading complex. Gimbal re-installed, it should be no significant gap rotating flexible, it can not have card phenomenon.

CPCD50 forklift transmission (truck accessories) is used between the bridge and drive shaft connected. This type of forklift fork shaft by a sudden edge, universal joints, cross shafts and bearings and other components, cross shaft with oil cup, which can be injected into the lubricating oil, lubricating the bearings. When the cross shaft needle bearings produced in the gap is too large, you should open the drive pumping, according to the cross shaft wear or replace needle bearings (must be replaced in pairs). Bearing lubrication should be used in lithium-based grease. Absolutely prohibit the use of relatively thick grease (such as calcium-based grease) lubricant, because the quality of the oil will accelerate the use of thick cross-shaft or bearing wear.

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