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was founded in 1992. It’s located in the port city yuhuan, which is famous as “the hometown of auto parts”. We specialized in producing parts of various types of forklift, for example: Linde, ...
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Address: No. 70 Yongqing Road, Marine Economic Development Zone, Yuhuan City, ZheJiang Province, China.
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Introduction Yuhuan Chengguan forklift parts
Mainly refers to the forklift truck accessories engine parts, chassis parts, transmission parts, cooling system parts, electrical parts, and is a variety.
English Name: forklift parts or lift parts
Engine parts including: engine repair kit catheter valve valve seat valve crank piston rings sets of tile rod Wagang copper rod thrust sheet sets very cup valve tappet valve assembly connecting rod crankshaft camshaft cylinder head screw rod screw cam bearing oil cooler and the valve cover cap Valve Cover Valve Springs Valve Rocker adjustment screw air valve caps lock folder valve valve rocker shaft pump fan blades fan belt pulley crankshaft pulley fan thermostat thermostat housing water tank water pump up and down the small water tank pressure pump core high-pressure oil pump assembly, fuel injector pump solenoid valve injector nozzle sleeve cylinder lubrication nozzle, oil nozzle, fuel pump diesel fuel into the pipeline grid cell pump oil oil oil gauge pipe frame base oil sump high-pressure release valve tubing pump crankshaft gear, splined crankshaft, crankshaft pulley, crankshaft pulley screws, crankshaft oil seal seat when the return belt, balance belt, fan belt, fan belt tensioner, Timing belt tensioner, balance belt tensioner, balance shaft, balance shaft gear, cam gear pump high pressure oil pump gear shaft gear tooth bridge bridge tooth cylinder head cylinder pump Timing chain chain chain when the room is the top cover flywheel flywheel flywheel ring gear machine feet into the turbocharger exhaust hose.
Chassis parts include: Brake Wheel Cylinder Brake Assembly Brake master cylinder repair kits brake pedal brake shoe brake handle the front line of the ancient hand brake (also known as the drive hub) front wheel rim brake hub front hub screw (brake hub) clutch master cylinder clutch slave cylinder clutch pedal clutch pressure plate clutch release bearing clutch cable separation of multi-bearing oil-valve assembly master cylinder repair kit multi-valve repair kit steering wheel steering assembly machine direction cross machine direction of repair packets axis hydraulic pump repair kits hydraulic pump drive shaft assembly of hydraulic oil hydraulic tubing frame steering rod ball steering cylinder repair kit triple cylinder piston rod knuckle pin and plate triple Banzhu main Shaw Festival steering repair kits and repair package wheel drum (wheel steering) wheel oil seal drum rear wheel rim bridge at the bottom of the screw cylinder rod bushing tap tap tap cylinder pin cylinder rod bearing joints transverse cylinder repair kit repair kits mast lift cylinder bearing Mast Mast bearing the side door frame roller chain sprocket mast tilt cylinder tilt cylinder piston rod assembly tilt cylinder repair kits fan cover
Air filter air filter silencer seat
Transmission parts, including: Gear reverse speeds forward gear first gear teeth (low speed gear second gear teeth (high gear gear) before and after the files together sets of gear (sleeve group) twelve sets of files synchronized ring gear and a shaft build a one axis shaft sleeve a sleeve a sleeve bearing two axial flow pin gearbox output gear gearbox spline shaft universal joint gear control valve (solenoid valve gear) fork fork shaft gear pull Guadang ball file switch friction plate (also known as copper) spacer (also known as steel) shell clutch within the transmission case transmission filter transmission filter seal ring repair kit torque converter automatic transmission torque converter connected sets (also known as drum pumps) for oil pump plate (also known as flexible board) differential cross-shaft planetary gear planetary gear gear axle axle axle spacer spacer plate angle gear teeth terminal helical spiral bevel gear shaft
Electrical components, including: magnetic starter generator assembly starter relay switch electric horn electrical spark plug distributor cap points total composition instrument inventory FireWire carburetor fire headlight switch headlight switch turn signal switch brake switch delay switch reversing switch gearbox control valve solenoid valve high-pressure pump oil temperature sensor plug plug fuel sensor sensing instrument panel assembly of electronic flasher headlight glow plug preheat timer turn signal rear light bulb horn
Is a: Fork lateral roll clip device, sanitation is a tool, clamp hold, rotary control, bucket clip, string rod, hook, cargo compartments
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