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Main Valve forklift parts!
Forklift parts accessories Valve main :
Valve: valve intake valve and exhaust valve sub-two, whose role is to open and close intake and exhaust channels, it is formed by the head and shank. Head is used to open and close intake and exhaust channels, shank is used to guide the movement of the valve. With ordinary steel intake valve, exhaust valve is made of heat resistant alloy, because the exhaust valve head contacts directly with the combustion gases, heat seriously.
In order to ensure the valve head and valve seat close fit and thermal conductivity, between the valve seat and valve head with a tapered joints, and after grinding. Cone angle with the top surface of the valve cone angle is called, commonly used valve cone angle of 30 ° and 45 °. Valve shaft is oriented part of the valve movement. Common valve shaft tail cut a groove, for the installation of tapered locking tabs.
Valve seat: on the valve seat in the cylinder (side-mounted valve) or cover (overhead valve), the direct processing of the circular bore it with the seal and the valve. Some wear-resistant alloy cast iron valve seats can be processed into the seat, mounted on the cylinder block or cylinder head.
Valve conduit: its role is to guide the valve for proper axial movement, while the Ministry of the valve stem will be spread indirectly heat the water jacket. In order to facilitate repair replacement, valve guides are made separately, and then pressed into the cylinder (or cylinder head). Valve guides pressed into the cylinder (or cylinder head), should have a certain amount of interference and the indentation depth, in order to ensure good heat transfer.
Valve spring: its role is to ensure the valve and valve seat seal, and to slow down and drive to overcome the valve and other parts of the inertia force generated, prevent the destruction of the gas sector to work with.
Valve Lifter: it will pass valve cam elect movement (side-mounted) or levers (overhead) to control the valve opening and closing.
Valve push rod: in OHV Valve in the campaign to pass the tappet arm. Putter is made of hollow steel rod straight, both ends of the welded ends of different shapes, the upper head is concave spherical, radial adjusting screw on the ball is located in one; bottom of the head is the ball head, in order to insert very concave spherical bearing rod.
Rocker: its role is to change the direction of the movement to pass tappet valve. It is a hole in the middle range with a long lever arms. End of the long arm of the arc-shaped face with the end of exposure and the valve; ends of the short arm of a screw is used to install the adjustment screw and lock nut to adjust the valve clearance. Central part of the rocker bearings, built with bronze bushing.
Rocker shaft: it is a hollow circular shaft, with a number of bearings installed in the cylinder head, rocker arm shaft in the set, and in the shaft for swing arc. Shaft bore similarities with the main oil, gas sector with the supply of oil.
Camshaft: the cylinder valve for controlling the closing and opening times change. And drive the oil pump, fuel pump, distributor and other accessories. It consists of the intake cam, exhaust cam, journal, oil pump and distributor drive gear and drive fuel pump eccentric rocker made of a whole.
Timing gear: usually the crankshaft camshaft timing gear through a pair to drive. Mounted on the crankshaft pinion front, known as the crankshaft timing gear. Camshaft gear mounted on the front, known as the camshaft timing gear. Size of the gear ratio of 2:1, which is to ensure the crankshaft rotation for two weeks, camshaft revolution.
To ensure correct valve timing and ignition time, the corresponding position are two gears meshing engraved mark. To limit the camshaft in the engine speed changes with the work produced by axial movement, in the installation are equipped with axial spacing device.
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