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was founded in 1992. It’s located in the port city yuhuan, which is famous as “the hometown of auto parts”. We specialized in producing parts of various types of forklift, for example: Linde, ...
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Address: No. 70 Yongqing Road, Marine Economic Development Zone, Yuhuan City, ZheJiang Province, China.
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Forklift Parts Factory Chengguan teach you daily inspection and maintenance

Check and add engine coolant or antifreeze

In winter, the cooling water should be let go, let go if the use of antifreeze, hard to use antifreeze, should be based on the temperature conditions to decide whether to release antifreeze.

Check the engine oil

Check the vehicle's oil level, the vehicle must be parked on a level, flat road. The engine is cold: Pull oil dipstick and check oil level must be between the dipstick markers up and down, not too much! When the engine is hot: let the engine idle stop after about 30 seconds then turn off wait 15 minutes so that all the oil out of the oil sump back foot. Oil level must be marked in the oil line between the upper and lower foot, if the oil has dropped below the oil dipstick under the mark, please raise the required oil.

Check the fuel

In filling the fuel before the engine turned off and the auxiliary heater, make sure the correct grade of fuel, fuel level height can be observed from the fuel gauge. Do not run out of fuel in the fuel tank, otherwise, the need for fuel in the exhaust system work.

Safety device and kit

Check safety devices and tools are complete

Check the engine oil pressure

When the engine after a cold start, oil pressure gauge will show the beginning of a very high pressure. An amount of heat after the engine has been, when the engine is running at rated speed, the engine oil pressure will be reduced, about 3-5bar. If the oil pressure gauge shows the engine oil pressure is too low, the risk of damage when the motivation required to immediately turn off the engine, find the reasons, check the oil level, then adjust it to achieve the required ride height.

Check the brake system

Allow the engine to keep running until the brake circuit pressure of the reservoir pump 10 + - 0.2bar or 8.1 +-0.2bar. Malfunction indicator light and low air pressure warning light in the air pressure to 5.4bar-5.8bar when off. The lifting of the parking brake, parking brake warning light goes out.

Check the air filter

When the air filter clogged, the forklift engine parts into the gas is not enough, it will reduce engine power and increase the volume of emissions. Therefore, the need for daily inspection.

Check the steering system

 Turn the steering wheel about 40mm, the steering wheel must be moved at this time, otherwise, go to the designated repair station for the period of rod steering system and repair.

Check the air suspension system functions

Air spring air bag inflates, the vehicle body should ensure that there is no inclination on the horizontal surface, the side airbag if a failure of the shaft, then the same axis on the other side airbag gas release at the same time, to slowly open the vehicle to a nearby designated repair station inspection.

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