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was founded in 1992. It’s located in the port city yuhuan, which is famous as “the hometown of auto parts”. We specialized in producing parts of various types of forklift, for example: Linde, ...
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Address: No. 70 Yongqing Road, Marine Economic Development Zone, Yuhuan City, ZheJiang Province, China.
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Most forklift parts eight

Forklift accessories can be used to describe not count, but the total is divided into eight macro-system.

 1, the door frame system: support roller, chain roller, spherical plain bearings, chains, double hose, cylinder repair kits, fork, etc.;


 2, the steering system: steering control valve, repair kit, wheel bearings, pipe, set away from the rings, pins, gaskets, joint bearings, repair kits, steering knuckle, etc.;


 3, the tire / rim: Solid tires, rims, electric forklift PU wheel;


 4, the power system: filters, starters, alternators, glow plugs, belts, water pump, radiator, etc.;


 5, the braking system: brake shoe, hand brake cable, brake master cylinder, brake wheel cylinder, etc.;


 6, electrical systems: lights, bulbs, contactors repair kits, etc.;


 7, the operating system: operating handle, universal joints;


 8, body systems: seats.

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